Here’s what an F-22 Raptor Pilot had to say about Russia’s Su-57 Stealth fighter

After watching an F-22 Raptor twist and turn last week during an impressive demonstration at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, we asked the 1st Fighter Wing’s commander if he’s worried about Russia’s new Su-57 stealth fighter.

“It’s always good to be chased,” Colonel Jason Hinds, commander of the 1st Fighter Wing, told Business Insider. “When people are trying to beat you, you know you got an impressive airplane.”

Russia has touted its new Su-57, which is still undergoing testing and has yet to be mass produced, as superior to the US’ F-22 Raptor. While many have called into question its stealth capabilities, Moscow claims the Su-57 is a fifth-generation fighter and that it hopes to turn it into a sixth-generation fighter.

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