Mexico Drops Shocking Threat, Americans Entering Mexico Will Have To…

Mexico Drops Shocking Threat, Americans Entering Mexico Will Have To…

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The government of Mexico has no intention to co-operate with America.

The authorities came up with a plan to charge a fee for any American who decides to enter their country.

This is a way to protest against the wall that President Donald Trump is planning to build.
Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray encouraged his fellow politicians to think about the entry feed. He stated: “We could explore — not necessarily a visa, that could impede a lot of people from coming to Mexico — but we could perhaps (have) a fee associated with entry.”

The Mexican officials are probably forgetting that this won’t be such a problem for the Americans. They won’t lose much if they can’t go to Mexico. Maybe for the students who are looking for party and cheap alcohol. And maybe the Texans bargain shoppers who might have a problem with the fee because the Mexican barter market won’t be that cheap.
And that’s all probably. That is not a threat and even if they go through with that it won’t do much harm to the Americans.

However, Videgaray didn’t stop there. He explained that if they fail to make some kind of a communication and understanding, then they will consider decreasing “security cooperation.”
“If the negotiation on other themes — immigration, the border, trade — isn’t satisfactory to Mexico’s interests, we will have to review our existing cooperation…in the security areas…and that involves the national immigration agency, the federal police and of course, the armed forces,” he added.

In the end, this is only encouraging the Americans to support Trump even more. If the Mexicans go through with their plan, the citizens of America will finally understand that Trump is right and the wall is needed.
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Mexico Drops Shocking Threat

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